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Evoke Drive > BOSSWELL 6088 LED Lighted License Frame Cover for Crystal – Chrome

BOSSWELL 6088 LED Lighted License Frame Cover for Crystal – Chrome


Fits all standard license plates
Everything you need for an easy hook-up
2 Functions – Tail Light & Brake Light
Increased Visibility and Safety

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1 in stock

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BOSSWELL 6088 LED License Frame
Style and safety come together in this distinctive, durable plastic license plate frame. It features a black metallic coating finish with red LEDs that shine when you activate your vehicle’s tail lights or brakes, drawing attention to your ride.

1. License plate frame with light-up design adds a stylish touch to your vehicle
2. Frame glows red when running lights are on and brightens when the brake pedal is pressed
3. Low illumination while you’re using tail lights
4. High illumination when you brake or turn on the hazard lights
5. Chrome coating appears transparent when lights are activated
6. Red LEDs are long-lasting and energy efficient
7. Slotted holes let you adjust the frame to avoid covering up state name and registration tag
8. Durable plastic is corrosion resistant
9. Fast, easy installation
10.Hardwires into vehicle’s tail lights with included quick-splice connectors
11. Uses existing mounting hardware

This license plate frame is designed for use on the rear of your vehicle only. Check your state’s regulations before installing.