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Having A Plan Feels Good

Add a stylish touch to your vehicle by adding hitch cover and replacing its factory emblem with this light-up versions.

Dodge Ram hitch cover chrome
Dodge Ram Tailgate Emblem

Long life LED light powered, Officially licensed, LED-lighted Ram emblem replaces your factory emblem to add a stylish touch to your vehicle

Dodge Ram hitch cover chrome
Running lights are on

Light-up insignia activates when running lights are on and brightens when brake pedal is pressed

01 CHEVROLET CHEVY Hitch Cover-How does it look at night? I had one on my 2013 Silverado but it was square.

It will light dim with parking lights on. when you apply the brake it’s bright. And it looks good on me 17 silverado

04 Jeep Hitch Cover - Does it falsh the whole logo when either turn signal is on, or just with one of them and not the other?

Yes the whole log flashes with both of them.

03 Ram Hitch Cover - Will this fit a 2017 Dodge Ram express hitch

Yes it will fit the tow hitch and the electrical connector

04 Chevy Hitch Cover - Will this fit a 2016 Chevy Silverado 1500 , will I need any extra parts to buy to hook it up?

yes it should fit any trailer hitch 1 1/4 and 2”, it is a 4 wire so if your truck doesn’t have 4 wire plug you may have to get a adapter








User Experience

Happy Customers

GMC Hitch cover review

VERY COOL ! good to see a good quality product actually exists as advertised . Hard wired directly to harness of truck with quick disconnects , for clean finish & ability to disconnect & remove when towing . This is the exact same vision I had in mind when looking for a hitch cover . hope it lasts a long time . if not ,will just buy another one just like it.

Chevy Hitch cover review
MDS Patient

This is a really cool receiver cover. In addition it gives the truck a little more visibility. The lights is on low intensity for running lights and high intensity when the brake is applied.

Jeep hitch cover review

The light is very dim. Don't get me wrong, when the brake lights it up it is obviously brighter, but I was expecting some nice LED's with a good lumen number but I don't believe that is what is inside of it. The plate is metal but the post is plastic. I am not sure I understand why that is. Someone could just walk up and kick it and break it off. I do like that it fits both class 2 and 3 hitches, that's a nice feature.

Motorcycle license frame
Nicole Burke

Works as advertised, though frankly it's not very bright For the price, though, I'm satisfied.

Skull hitch cover review
Henri Pachana Jr

this skull stay.s lit at all times on the rear of my Electra-glide when in the running mode and it,s not a Harley product with HD,S prices

ford grill emblem review
Lisa JFT

Fast shipping high quality product stamped straight from FoMoCo looks amazing and it only takes about a half hour to install with basic tools and knowledge